Client Assessment and Business Plan Development

Business Planning

The following material is proprietary to Dullien Associates.

The process is dependent on the client firm’s self- assessment

  • Input – Output Analysis, today and at a future date

The goals a the future date dictate the outputs then. This requires much self-assessment and forecasting.

  • Capabilities Assessment, Present and Future

The firm needs to provide a list of major and other key capabilities at this moment in time. These may relate to goals that are somewhat unclear.

Next, we need a list of major and other key capabilities that the firm must possess, in light of its goals and also in light of competition, at the future date when the outputs above are to be produced.

  • We enter with the development of a business development plan. We take into account all of the above, and arrive – with the firm’s inputs – at milestones and funding needs. The milestones will help the firm decide, at future points in time, where they are in the business development process. They are analogous to trail markers for hikers covering lots of miles of new ground.